Evaluate your impact

Understand what difference you’re making, what works and how to do things better

From customer feedback surveys to evaluations of multi-million pound programmes, we can assess the impact and effectiveness of what you do. We provide valuable intelligence about what difference you’re making for your customers and service users, what works well and why. We also offer practical suggestions to help you improve services and achieve greater value for money.

Our evaluation services include:

  • Project-level evaluation
  • Programme-level evaluation
  • Evaluation at all stages of project delivery
  • Designing monitoring and evaluation frameworks
  • Qualitative evaluation
  • Economic impact assessments
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Value for money assessments
  • Customer feedback analysis

New Skills' know-how:

  • We provide an independent, objective and rigorous assessment of your activities.
  • Our evaluations provide insights to help you improve your services, achieve better value for money, and secure future funding for your activities.
  • We're specialists in delivering technical evaluation work in line with HM Treasury Green Book, Magenta Book and
    Impact Evaluation Framework Plus (IEF+) guidance.
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