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Client: Teesside University plays an important role in the Tees Valley and North East economies, providing high value employment, spending money with suppliers, developing the skills and productive capacity of students and working collaboratively with businesses and the community to deliver knowledge transfer activities.

Project: We were commissioned to undertake an independent impact study exploring the economic value generated by Teesside University in the Tees Valley, North East and UK economies. The study quantified the direct and indirect economic impacts of the University, expressing benefits in terms of both GVA and employment. It considered: the direct and indirect effects of the University’s operations by employing staff and spending money with suppliers; the ‘export’ income generated from international students; the human capital, earnings and productivity impacts of the education provided by the University; and the effects of the University’s knowledge transfer activities.

Impact: The results were used to inform the University’s future strategy and decision making, as well as highlighting the benefits and impact of the University in marketing campaigns and materials.