Clients & work

With our support, our clients achieve great things and make a positive difference for their customers and service users.

BBO ESF Tees Valley: Northern Inclusion Consortium - New Skills supported Northern Inclusion Consortium to develop a successful stage 1 BBO ESF proposal for the Tees Valley. Step Forward Tees Valley brings together a partnership of 23 organisations to deliver a comprehensive programme of social inclusion, employment and skills support to disadvantaged individuals, to help them address complex barriers (e.g. health, debt, rural isolation, digital exclusion, unemployment, and homelessness) and to make progress towards and into employment. Step Forward Tees Valley is the only Programme in Tees Valley to be invited to submit a Stage 2 business plan, securing over £8m of ESF and Lottery resources.

ESF NEET Provision: West Berkshire Training Consortium -
New Skills worked with West Berkshire Training Consortium to develop a winning bid securing over £1m of ESF resources to deliver a comprehensive programme of training and support to NEETS in the South East of England. We subsequently supported WBTC to bid in partnership with a wider consortium to deliver ESF NEET provision across the entire South East Region.

River Tyne Energy and Innovation Centre ERDF Bid: North Tyneside Council - New Skills supported the Council to develop a successful ERDF bid, securing £2.5m grant funding to create the River Tyne Energy and Innovation Centre on the River Tyne North Bank Enterprise Zone. Our work involved undertaking a detailed demand study, and working with the Council to develop the ERDF funding bid. The centre, which provides specialist serviced business accommodation for SME’s in the subsea, marine oil and gas, and offshore renewables sector is due to open in early 2016.